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Rolsen Electronics Company presents a new desktop induction cooker RIO-2011. This compact device has a glass ceramic cover and the induction coil inside. In operation the heating of utensils is created by induced eddy currents due to the high-frequency magnetic field.

In this case only dishes become hot, and ceramic glass does not, so there is no risk of burns. It is especially important when there are children in the family. The induction cooker is heated almost instantly. It will not turn on if appropriate utensils are not installed. Tiles used for induction The utensils with the bottom of the ferromagnet (you can independently check the suitability of equipment for such cookers – attach magnet to the bottom, it must stick). When removing utensils, the cooker will be immediately disconnected.

The induction cooker RIO -2011 is able to save electricity from 30% to 60%, compared to traditional electric ovens with burners "pancakes".

The cooking time is reduced by 40%, and thus the nutrients of the product being cooked are saved. It should be noted that you will not have to exert much effort to clean the cooker. The ease of the process is provided by a smooth mirror surface without any rough edges and holes. Splashes at boiling or roasting will not be burnt, because the surface of the induction cooker around utensils remains cold. With the induction cooker Rolsen the process of cooking different dishes will be easier, more convenient and more enjoyable!

Power, Wfrom 200 to 2000 
Surface materialceramics 
Coocking mode
Temperature rangefrom 70 to 280°C 
LCD display
Start up timerfrom 1 to 24 h 
Coocking timerfrom 1 to 24 h 
Children safety
Overheat protector