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Rolsen Electronics Company presents a glass ceramic cooker desktop RIC-2021 that has a smooth mirrored working surface with graphically designated zone of burners.

In operation heating of utensils is created by infrared lamps connected into a circuit. The heat, generated by the lamp, easily passes through the glass and heats the dishes.

The glass ceramic cooker conducts heat well, just directing it to the bottom of utensils, and the space around utensils is practically not heated. Note that any contamination of the glass ceramic surface is easily cleaned with a special scraper.

The glass ceramic cooker will become an irreplaceable object in your kitchen and help to cook delicious and healthy food every day.

Power, Wfrom 200 to 2000 
Surface materialceramics 
Coocking mode
Temperature rangefrom 100 to 650°C 
LCD display
Coocking timerfrom 1 to 24 h 
Children safety
Overheat protector