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The Rolsen Vacuum Cleaner T-2084TSF is both stylish and attractive due to fashion colors and uses modern methods providing best clearing experience. It force a spiral power that causes the air and dirt sucked into the vacuum to spin at an extremely fast speed. It makes the dirt to be sent outside the pathway of the airflow and fall down into a collecting compartment. The Rolsen C-2084TSF is very simple to use, easy to operate due to convenient design with fingertip controls. No need to touch the dust, HEPA filters is perfect for allergy sufferers. The 3 additional brushes for different purposes let you to clear the carpets, furniture and every corner of your room. Construction and sound absorbing technology ensure a quiet cleaning experience.

Power consumption, W1800 
Power controller fanon-board 
Volume, l
Wandmetal telescopic 
Filter systemdustbag + Hepa-filter+filter 
HEPA filterHEPA-12 
Net (kg)5.3 
Weight-gross (kg)6.5 
Dimension (L,W,H)454*284*292 
Noteblue color