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Rolsen Red vine colored Vacuum Cleaner C-2220TSF is not only stylish and modern, it also uses special technology ensure an excellent cleaning experience. The technology based on spiral force that causes the air and dirt sucked into the vacuum to spin at an extremely fast speed. It makes the dirt to be sent outside the pathway of the airflow and fall down into a collecting compartment. Instead of the traditional bags this vacuum cleaner uses chambers. No need to touch the dust and to purchase the bags for dust – the chamber can be cleaned easily. The high power consumption 2000 W provides excellent suction, and the special brushes can be easily attached to the telescoping wand – so the cleaning process become more enjoyable.

Volume, l2,2 
Electronic power controlon-board 
Filter systemЦиклон+спецфильтр+HEPA-12 
Wandmetal telescopic 
Net (kg)6.8 
HEPA filterHEPA-12 
Weight-gross (kg)7.8 
Without bag for dust
Dimension (L,W,H)455/315/360 
Noteциклон четвертого поколения