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The new vacuum cleaner Rolsen C-1540TF featured with a “Cyclone-Centrifuge” system. This means that there is a spiral force that causes the air and dirt sucked into the vacuum to spin at an extremely fast speed. It makes the dirt to be sent outside the pathway of the airflow and fall down into a collecting compartment and prevent the HEPA filter from over dirtying. More over this HEPA filter is very easy to wash, so it will be ready to protects your health again and again. It has power consumption 1400 W and three-stage filtration system, preventing the air overdirtying. The special dust turbo-brush and many other features makes the cleaning process much more enjoyable.
Volume, l1,5 
Electronic power control
Filter systemcyclon + Hepa-11+filter 
Wandmetal telescopic 
Net (kg)4.3 
HEPA filterHEPA-11 
Weight-gross (kg)5.3 
Without bag for dust
Dimension (L,W,H)440 X 265 X 320 
Note3-th generation cyclon