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The Rolsen Oil Heater ROH-D7 maintains optimal temperature in the room providing economical, efficient operation. It features a heating element that heats up the pure mineral oil which never needs refilling. It disperses warmth through a convection process. 3 heating mode let you adjust output levels optimizing energy efficient operation: Min – maintains the optimal room temperature. Middle – effectively warms up the cold room. Max - is used for quick heating up. For safety and convenience Rolsen ROH-D7 has auto-shut-off overheating protection. This heater offers even, consistent heat and provides the ultimate in convenience and portability.
Power Consumption, W1500 
Power Suply220-230V ~50/60Hz 
Temperature controlmechanical 
Section7 (dimensions 125*580mm) 
Bay cord
Overheat protection
Body materialhigh-quality steel 
Operation mode
Indicator light