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Ceramic heater RTH-2778RT from Rolsen Electronics meets the basic requirements when choosing a heater. It has the highest rate of heating, saves space, as well as the appliance is safe to use. The action of the ceramic heater RTH-2778RT is based on the principle of forced convection, i.e. the heating element is carefully blown by air with two built-in fans which at the same time distribute hot air throughout the room. The heating element of the device consists of the resistors connected in series of metal and ceramic plates located between them. The device has two modes of operation for moderate and more intense heating of the room, as well as the function of the economy mode (ECO function).

Using ECO - function, the device will maintain the temperature within 22 ° C. The heater is best suited for long-term use in the presence of a man; it does not dry the air and does not burn oxygen. The model RTH-2778RT has a convenient carrying handle and a base with automatic 80° rotation. The set includes a remote control. The heater allows you to maintain a predetermined temperature in the range from +15 to + 35 ° C. Thanks to the low noise level the ceramic heater is doing its job completely invisible.

Power220-240V ~50/60Hz 
Power Consumption, W1300/2000 
Temperature controlelectronic 
Overheat protection
Indicator light
LCD display
Auto-shut offwhen it falls down 
Autorotating base80 degrees 
Remote Control
Ceramic heating element with high conductivity
Timerup to 24 hours 
Heating mode
Dimension (mm)584 x 169 x 214 
Weight (Net, Gross)2,2 / 3,2