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Rolsen ceramic tower heater RTH-2777RT provides effective heating in any room of the home . Its elongated ceramic heating element, penetrating air velocity, and widespread oscillation combine to provide warmth throughout the room. The unit includes a multi-function remote that controls the programmable thermostat, 7.5-hour timer, and LCD-display for added convenience. The filtration grid can easily be removed and cleaned up. The features are adjustable thermostat with 2 quiet settings and push-button oscillation mode. The unit base provides rotating up to 90 degrees. The Rolsen RTH-2777RT shuts down automatically to prevent overheating.
Power Consumption, W1200/2000 W 
Overheat protection
Indicator light
Auto-shut offwhen it falls down 
Autorotating baseup to 90 degrees 
Remote Control
Ceramic heating element with high conductivity
Timerup to 7.5 hours 
Air filterremovable 
Heating mode
Dimension (mm)490*215*85 
Weight (Net, Gross)3,0 / 3,8