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Customize your heating needs with the ceramic heater Rolsen RCH-2605. The heater uses ceramic heating element, penetrating air velocity, and widespread oscillation combine to provide warmth throughout the room. The unit base provides rotating up to 90 degrees, so the unit can be set to oscillate at the push of a button for even heat distribution throughout the room. Moreover, it can be very useful on hot summer days due to fan-only option, which produces general, no-heat air circulation. Other highlights include a self-regulating ceramic element, quiet operation, and automatic overheat protection for safety.
Power220-240V ~50/60Hz 
Power Consumption, W1200/2000 W 
Temperature control
Overheat protection
Indicator light
Auto-shut offwhen it falls down 
Autorotating baseup to 70 degrees 
Ceramic heating element with high conductivity
Fan cooler
Heating mode
Power controller fan
Weight (Net, Gross)2,6/3,2