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The ceramic heater Rolsen RTH-2555RT is vertically designed and versatile enough to fit any available floor or table space. Moreover, the heater includes a self-regulating heating element to provide effective heat distribution. The unit base provides rotating up to 90 degrees, so the unit can be set to oscillate at the push of a button for even heat distribution throughout the room. The additional features are indicator light, remote control and LCD-display for easy control. Also it has timer up to 12 hours overheat protection for additional safety. The filtration grid can easily be removed and cleaned up. The unit's small footprint ensures effective, consistent heating without getting in the way, while its convenient carrying handle makes it simple to transport from room to room.
Power220-240V ~50/60Hz 
Power Consumption, W2000 W 
Temperature controlelectronic 
Overheat protection
Indicator light
LCD display
Auto-shut offwhen it falls down 
Autorotating baseup to 90 degrees 
Remote Control
Ceramic heating element with high conductivity
Timerup to 12 hours 
Air filterremovable 
Heating mode