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The Rolsen air conditioner RAS-12CWAF provides 4 different appliances in 1 convenient unit, saving you money, and energy and allowing you to use it in all seasons. The Air Cooler, Humidifier, Air Filtration and Fan with Ionizer is versatile and an economical way to cool and humidify the surrounding air. The unit is perfect for medium size rooms up to 30m2. It has Self Cleaning Function which helps prevent mold from growing on surfaces inside the unit. The antimicrobial filter reduces bacteria, room odors, and other airborne particles for a comfortable environment. The remote control allows you to easily change settings. The additional features are: ION Operation. While it is operating, the unit generates negative ions that freshen up the air in the room. Air Clean Filter. An air filter that eliminates unpleasant odors and cleans the air is available. Automatic Restart Function for Power Failure. Even when power failure occurs, preset programmed operation can be reactivated once power resumes. Rust-resistant cover. This unit is equipped with the rust-resistant cover that avoids rust appearing. It is also eco-friendly, using R-410A refrigerant that won’t impact the ozone layer. The Roslen RAS-09CWAF comes in white and grey colors.
Rated voltage220-240V 
Nominal freequency~50Hz 
Rated Power (cooling, heating), W3550 / 3650 
Power Consumption (cooling mode), W1106 
Power Consumption (heating mode), W1011 
Max intensity of a current8,6 A 
Max power consumption, W1650 
Max pressure on exit4,15Mp 
Max suction pressure1,15Mp 
Air Consumption, m3/h550 
Refrigerant typeR410A 
Refrigerant weight, gr850 
Moisture protection classIPX4 
Electric class
Energy class
Noise level37/52 
Placement area, m2up to 30 
Weight-gross (kg)9 / 31 
Net, kg10,5 / 33,5 
Dimenshion (inside/outside), mm880x286x203 / 760x540x260