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Rolsen massage footbath FM-204 can give you many hours of pleasure, relieve stress and pain in your legs. It delivers invigorating massage to revive your tired feet after a long day. Moreover, dual bubble action gives excellent results in complete relaxing. The smart heat feature keeps the water warm for soothing relief. The waterproof touch control makes using the multiple heat and massage settings easily.

Three modes of massage:

  • The combination of bubble and infrared function, so you can easily get relaxation with the giving your tired feet professional spa treatment.
  • Soothing massage with smart heat feature
  • vibration massage + bubble massage + infrared function with function of maintaining the water temperature will give long comfortable use to the footbath.
Power, W80 
Control typemechanical 
Infrared function
Water temperature maintaining
Vibration massage
Bubble massage
Massage roller