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Nowadays comfort in a car is becoming a theme more common for all motorists; the car has turned into something more than just a means of transportation.

Spending many hours driving, a person wants to listen not only to the radio, but also to high-quality music.Rolsen car acoustics will help you to immerse yourself in all the splendor of qualitative, deep sound.

The model Rolsen RSA-A693 is 6х9" (15х23cm) coaxial acoustic system with maximum power of 3000W. The car acoustics is one of the most important components in your entire audio system.

Size6x9" (15х23 см) 
Band quantity
Max power300 Вт 
Nominal capacity100 Вт 
Woofer cone полипропилен инжекционного литья 
Impedance4 Ом 
Sensability90 дБ 
Frequency range65-20,000 Гц 
Magnet15 унций 
Planting depth87 мм