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Indoor TV Aerial RDA-260 from Rolsen Electronics is a worthy functional replacement of an outdoor aerial. These devices provide high-quality signal reception of both analog and digital television, and radio (FM-band). 

The indoor aerials with an amplifier provide quality signal over long distances (including urban conditions). For convenience of settings and better image quality the model RDA-210 is equipped with a controller with which you can easily install the necessary level of signal reception. The aerial RDA-260 has a small size and weight, elegant appearance, allowing the device to fit seamlessly into any interior. The indoor aerial is a great and affordable way to discover the world of television in your house!

Frequency rangeVHF 87.5-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz 
Signal receptionUHF/VHF/FM 
Variable angle tilt
Noise figure< 3dB 
Output signal level100dBμV 
Maximum gainVHF 30dB, UHF 30dB 
PowerDC 12V/50mA