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Indoor TV Aerials RDA-160 from Rolsen Electronics is not only a worthy functional replacement of bulky outdoor aerials, but also a modern and stylish gadget that will complement the interior of your apartment.

You won’t have to hide your indoor aerial behind the curtains any more where it is destined to be covered with a century of dust. The model RDA-160 is specifically designed to give the opportunity to place it in any, even the most visible place.

The new gadget looks modern, stylish and fits in seamlessly into any apartment or country house interior. These devices provide high-quality signal reception of both analog and digital television, and radio (FM-band).

The indoor aerials with an amplifier provide quality signal over long distances (including urban conditions). They can be placed away from windows. For convenience of settings and better image quality the model RDA-160 is equipped with a controller with which you can easily install the necessary level of signal reception.

The indoor aerial is a great and affordable way to discover the world of television in your house!

Frequency rangeVHF 87.5-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz 
Signal receptionUHF/VHF/FM 
Signal level adjustment
Variable angle tilt
Noise figure< 3dB 
Output signal level100dBμV 
Maximum gainVHF 30dB, UHF 36dB 
PowerDC 6V/100mA