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The active external aerials Rolsen RDA-460 is used for receiving broadcast television signals of meter (CF) and UHF (UHF) brands. Obtaining a quality signal at the aerial input is essential for a good image on your TV screen. A huge number of pixels and high frequency of sweep, superb color reproduction and fine contrast will have no value if the image is distorted due to poor reception.

One of the best solutions to improve the TV signal to the required level is the Rolsen active outdoor aerial. The unit is not only a functional solution to enhance the television signal, but also a modern and trendy gadget. The design of the aerial will perfectly fit into the interior of your apartment or a country house.

Signal receptionUHF 
Frequency rangeUHF 470-862MHz 
Variable angle tilt
Maximum gainUHF 7-11dB 
Antenna length740 mm