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Rolsen has an opportunity to build relations with partners through OEM-partnership programs. The company can produce TV sets, monitors, air conditioners and other goods under cover of a partner trade mark with the fixed engineering factors and design.

Why being a partner

Rolsen itself
- Rolsen is a well-known Korean brand with high degree of loyalty of target audience
- The company keeps advantageous price positioning targeted to mass consumer
- High-tech, modern, high-quality product, and often exclusive (Digislim, Multivisor) ссылка на модельный ряд по категориям DigiSlim и Multivisor for fair price
- Rolsen adheres the flexible and transparent price policy
- Recognition of the product in the European market (products are successfully sold in Europe during last 7 years)
- Professional result oriented team
- Mass marketing and advertising companies conducted on federal level

Rolsen for market partners
- The Rolsen' distributing policy is directed toward profit guaranty for every party in the sale chain, and at the same time to keep the price low for customers
- All the partners get marketing support (ссылка на раздел Marketing support), are supplied with advertisement materials, and regularly receive fresh information from the producer
- Rolsen's OEM- partnership program offers additional opportunities for cooperation. Capacities of transnational company allow producing the whole spectrum of home appliances with up-to date operation factors and design
- Rolsen offers 1-2% from turnover for advertisement support
- Rolsen gives 1-3 years of warranty and has the widest net of after-sale service centers
- Own high-tech production gives an opportunity to produce as many of the most popular models as needed according to the growing demand
- Wide assortment of the most popular products
- Mutually beneficial financial schemes