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Rolsen in Russia


The Company Rolsen Electronics (the owner of Rolsen trade mark) with the headquarters in Korea has come to the Russian market in 1995.

Now in Russia you can buy more than 20 models of TV-sets with screen diagonal size from 14 to 34 inches, DVD-players, DVD-recorders, plasma panels and LCD TV-sets, home video systems, air-conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, video tape -recorders, refrigerators, ovens, wire and wireless telephones, mp3 flash players, audio equipment under Rolsen trade mark.

In Russia Rolsen company has its own production capacities in Fryazino (Moscow region) and in Voronezh. The plants are equipped with new production lines and at present are among the most modern enterprises on electronics manufacturing in Russia. The control on the whole production cycle is made by the western specialists.

This let the company not only to produce products under its own trade mark, but to execute orders on manufacture of the equipment for such prestigious trade marks as LG, JVC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Thomson, Funai. At present the plant in Fryazino assembles annually 2 mln 500 thousands TV-sets per year, more than a half of them under Rolsen trade mark. The second company's plant in Voronezh produces up to 1 mln. 300 thousands TV-sets under Rolsen and Rubin trade marks.

Thus, the summary production capacity of the plants is 3 mln.800 thousands pieces per year and already at the moment Rolsen is one of ten major producers of TV-sets in the world. 
Besides that, in Russia Rolsen is the only producer selling the DVD systems, video tape-recorders, automatic washing machines and mobile phones of its own production.

The network of Rolsen service centers is steadily developing and growing. At present there are more than 320 Rolsen service centers in Russia and on this parameter the company is on the second place in the Russian Federation.
There is a steady demand for Rolsen products in Russia due to a perfect combination of the high quality and reasonable price.

At present Rolsen strategy is aimed at the increase of the proportion of high-technology products in its range of DVD-players, home video systems and high-tech models of TV-sets, including plasma and LCD TV-sets. All that lets the company to be in one row with other world producers representing their goods on the Russian market.