About us


The plants of Rolsen Electronics in Russia, Korea and in Europe are equipped with the modern technologies, the highly professional staff trained at the best enterprises of the industry is working at the plants.
Due to its scientific -research and production centers distributed all over the world, namely in China, Shanghai, Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur  Korea, Seoul  Korea, Kumi Singapore, Germany  Bremen, Lithuania Vilnius, the company's products correspond to the highest consumer standards.
On the ratio price -quality the company is one of the most competitive in its segment, and not only on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, but also in Europe. 

On the volume of production Rolsen Electronics is now one of the ten largest TV-producers in the world.
Rolsen Electronics produces the whole series of highly-technological products, including: LCD and kinescope TV-sets, DVD players, plasma panels and home video systems, audio and video equipment, MP3-flash players.
The significant growth in the production the company has shown in the "household appliances" category - the washing machines, microwave ovens, air-conditioners, vacuum-cleaners, irons, hair-driers.
Rolsen Electronics is one of the first foreign companies which in 1995 has opened its manufacturing plant in Russia.
In 2004 Rolsen Electronics united its production capacities with those of TV-manufacturing plant "Rubin" (Voronezh, "Videofon").

The company makes assembly of the products for such well-known brands as  LG, JVC, Hitachi, Toshiba, TCL-Thomson, Funai, Daewoo.
In 2005 the new production plant on assembly of acoustic systems and audio equipment is put into operation in Fryazino. The production capacities of the new plant are 5 mlns of speakers and 1,5 mlns of audio systems per year.

Among our partners such well-known companies as:
- LG
- LG.Philips Display
- Philips Semiconductors
- Samsung
- LG Cable
- Sanyo
- ST (Semiconductors Thomson )

The quality control of the products at Rolsen plants is one of the most strict ones. The company works only with the suppliers having 9001/2/3/4 certificate. The special divisions "of the quality control on each part of production line" operate on all enterprises of Rolsen Electronics, and starting from 2005 at all plants of the company the new system of the total quality control of all products is introduced. Due to these and other measures the company has achieved a very low percentage of claims for replacement and gives the after-sale service guarantee for its products up to 3 years.