About us


 1990  Large-scale investments to the production and design works.

1995 - Rolsen is the first foreign company which starts production of TV-sets  LG, JVC, Thomson, Toshiba, Philips, Daewoo, Funai in Russia. The first lot of TV-set under Rolsen TM has been produced at Fryazino plant (Moscow region).

1999  - Introduction to the Russian market of Rolsen own TM

2001 - The company has arrived to the production capacity of 1 mln. of TV-set per year

2003  - Increase of the product range of Rolsen TM and production of plasma panels, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, mobile phones.

2003 - the cooperation contracts have been concluded with MediaMarkt and Saturn trade networks (Germany), Tesco (England). In CIS countries the company's products are represented in Steptron (Moldova), Foxtrot (Ukraine) shops.

2003  - the increase of production capacities due to mergence with "Videofon" plant (Voronezh)

2004  - Rolsen Electronics is included in the list of ten largest producers of TV-set in the world. The production capacity of its plants in Russia have totaled to more than 2,5 mlns of TV-set per year.

2005  - Company Expansion to CIS countries. Extension of Rolsen product line (more than 1000 description of goods).

2007 - Exclusive distribution of R-TOUCH brand (мр-3-мр4 players).

2008 - Manufacture modernization. The development of the product manufacturing using innovation technologies.

2010 – One of the leader producer of the TV, digital and consumer electronics on Russian Area.


The company stands for quality, value and innovation.

 Rolsen consumer electronics and technology products range from LCD/LED TV (more than 40 models with diagonal size of the screen from 14 to 55 inches), DVD-recorders and portable DVD-TV-players, mp3 Flash players, FHD Media players , e-books, sound boom boxes to air -conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances and many other products produced under Rolsen trade mark.